Fifteen minutes, crossing the threshold – Bangalore, India, March 2019

“A SoulStroller enters each day with curiosity and openness, willing to let the world fall in.” Kayce S. Hughlett, SoulStroller: experiencing the weight, wings and whispers of the world.treesbangalore

Exiting the doors of the WelcomHotel, Bengalaru, this morning, I took note of what I heard, saw and smelled within fifteen minutes of walking outside: a glimpse into the sensory world of Bangalore.bougainvillea

Smoke (cigarettes and bus exhaust), “Morning, Madame; hire me today, only seventy-five rupees.” Whiff of urine, incense, tooting of horns – distinct difference between buses, trucks and cars. Motorcycles: riders with and without helmets, individuals, families of four – children sandwiched between. Pink and yellow bougainvilleas cascading over brick walls.

Palm trees, tropical plants, trash mixed with leaves. trashbangaloreWomen in saris brilliantly colored and patterned, salwar kameez, jeans, blouses, scarves. Sandals, flip flops, tennis shoes, high heels. Blues, greens, violet, topaz, shades of orange, brilliant reds and yellows.

Tuk tuks, sedans, bicycles. Cart piled high with coconuts. Coffee and chai cart, dosas, idly, a crow pecking at leftovers. coconutcart

Cement, concrete, construction work on a building. Employees family members peering open eyed at me – a stranger in the midst. The youngest of four peaking out from behind her mother’s sari.

Broken walls, sand, wires hang down through trees. High voltage area – Mama monkey and baby seated atop the concrete pillar. mamamonkey

Birds chirping, chatting, people in conversation on cell phones. Putting my hand up in salute to stop traffic, scanning visually, head moving quickly back and forth to cross the street. Inhale, exhale.

I need something familiar after all this stimulation – Starbucks. Iced tea, air conditioning, sitting in my body, feeling myself in the space.

“SoulStrolling is about presence.” Kayce S. Hughlett, Soulstroller: experiencing the weight, whispers and wings of the world.

Prior to my first visit to India, a friend shared with me: “Being in India is like watching a movie a minute.” My reply, “It’s like watching three to four movies a minute, perhaps more.” Sometimes sensory overload, practicing presence, unlike anywhere else in the world I’ve visited.

When you visit Bangalore, open your heart and senses to “let the world fall in,” and when needed, take a Starbucks or other coffee/tea/familiarity break 🙂





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