A practical post: coffee and food in the 19th and 10th, Paris, February 2019

One of my personality traits is a strong sense of ‘the practical’ 🙂 Some would say-necessity. This post is for my fellow ‘practical’ friends who enjoy coffee and food while soulstrolling Paris. Salut et bon appétit!

Coffee in the 19th

Having resided in Seattle for the past 22 years, I’m a fond lover of coffee.

Cafe Belleville, Le 50, is a cosy spot on rue de Belleville. My noisette (machiatto) was just the right mix of espresso with milk. The staff are welcoming, quiet music played in the background and fellow coffee drinkers were reading, writing, working on laptops, and chatting. Journal, pens, paints and soulstrolling inspiration deck were my company and reflection.cafebelleville

TopKnot Cafe, 6 rue Melingue, serves up a decent noisette along with fresh squeezed juice and brioche. 3 perfectly sized brioche served with a side of jam paired nicely with my morning coffee. They serve weekend brunch and les apéros Thursday evenings from 18h30 – 22h30.topknot

I stopped in at Aux Folies (classic spot on rue de Belleville) for a noisette at the counter and people watching. Entertaining 🙂

Coffee in the 10th

I was staying in the 19th this past trip, but enjoyed the 30 minute stroll down to Canal St. Martin on a few occasions as the weather was delightful for walking.

Ten Belles, Rue de la Grange aux Belles, is a quaint spot with a lower and loft type area for sitting, sipping and eating. Caoua, 98 Quai de Jemmapes, has a beautiful view overlooking the canal along with good coffee and food (more expansive menu including eggs benedict, avocado toast, salads and other savory and sweet options). caoua

My husband and I were in need of a second morning espresso (pre one in the 19th) and happened upon Residence Kann, 28 Rue des Vinaigriers. Excellent noisette, large modern space (check out the back where they rotate furniture, lights and tables – available for purchase). Of the coffee shops I visited this had the best wifi (at the front of the shop) and more tables for laptop space. They also have a variety of sweet and savory choices as well as a good herbal tea.

Lunch and Dinner in the 19th

I enjoy savoring, dining, slowing down and trying out ‘new’ to me food spots in Paris.

Le Jourdain (technically in the 20th but a short stroll from the 19th) Rue des Couronnes, is a delightful bistro with friendly staff, tasty food and a fun atmosphere. We appeared to be the only english speaking diners that day we stopped for lunch (which I like). Tasty food and good value. lejourdain

Le Bariolé, 103 rue de Belleville, for lunch drew me in with its red and white checker board table cloths, wooden chairs, full house, friendly staff and interesting prix fix menu. Stop in here if you’re up for an adventure, don’t have any dietary restrictions (and/or you are fluent in French or have a capable translator). lebarioleexterior

Guo Xin, 47 rue de Belleville is a great spot for Chinese food, dine in or out. I stopped by at 20h on a Wednesday evening and picked up raviolis (potstickers) and a vegetarian noodle bowl to go. Bustling spot, small tight tables, friendly staff. Thanks to the authors and illustrators of Paris in Stride for the recommendation.guoxin

Mensae, 23 rue Melingue, is a delicious dinner experience. The menu has a modern and creative twist and a good value at 36 euros for entrée, plat et dessert. I thoroughly enjoyed the cabillaud ceviche with celery root, noix de veau (veal) with roasted carrots and squash, followed by clementine and ice cream. Reservations required.mensae

Bistrot le Square, 7 Square Bolivar, is a fun spot for dinner. Friendly staff, interesting menu, sizable portions, flavorful food,  inviting interior with twinkling lights, fun patterned parquet floor, make it a pleasurable dining experience. Think we were one of the few english speakers. bistrotlesquare

Lunch or dinner in the 10th

Le Bistrot des Oies, 2 Rue Marie and Louise, is a welcoming, classic style french bistro. Dark wood interior, various memorabilia, old accordion hanging on a wall, posters, chalkboard written menu, friendly hosts and tightly packed tables make this a tasty and pleasurable dining experience. Their prix fix lunch menu is a great value, and they have an extensive a la carte menu as well. I enjoyed cauliflower soup, roast chicken with a salad and fries, and somehow found room for a delightful pomme au four (roasted apple on top a shortbread type cookie with vanilla ice cream). chickendesoies

Merci beaucoup Paris. Á bientôt.




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