Shwedagon Paya – Yangon, Myanmar, March 2019

Today I visited Shwedagon Paya, one of Buddhism’s most sacred sites. “Legend has it that there’s been a stupa on Singuttara Hill for 2600 years…” Lonely Planet, Myanmar (Burma).

pauseinhabitlifePart of my morning ritual (at home and abroad) is pulling two cards from Kayce S. Hughlett  soulstrolling inspiration deck  – adding focus to my day. Prior to shuffling the deck I’d set an intention for visiting Shwedagon Paya. Imagine my delight, wonder, and curiosity upon drawing “pause and inhabit life.” 🙂 Mystery, serendipity, spirit, an invitation – the cards needed to join my journal, pen, sunglasses, wallet and iphone.

The following is a poem of sorts. A list of noticings and observations. When you visit Yangon, be sure to soulstroll Shwedagon Paya.

barefoot, grounded

incense, gong

bells, hammer


centuries old

damaged, repaired, ancient,

restoration in progress

pause, inhabit life

gold, green, reflecting tiles

white layers, glistening spires

owl drinking waterowl water

pilgrims, prayer

welcoming smiles

pause, inhabit life

closed eyes, folded hands, bowing

gratitude, supplication

shade, shawls, umbrellas

toddler in yellow taffeta

silver flowers, fruit snacksshwedagon 2

selfie sticks

pause, inhabit life

peacock, rabbit

sun – moon Buddha

birds, cell phone chatter,

folded legs

roses, palm fronds

“friday corner”shwedagon7

water cascades over image

pause, inhabit life

longyi’s, thanaka faces

floral patterns

hesitant stares, tentative glances


invitation for group selfiesshwedagontree

pause, inhabit life

barefoot, grounded

incense, gong, bells, hammer





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