Laughing Ladies

Today’s prompt at 31 Days of SoulStrolling is laughter. My friend, co-conspirator and author Kayce S. Hughlett uncovered this quote by Anne Lamott, “Laughter is carbonated holiness.” Oh how I love this. It makes my heart sing.

It reminded me of one of my experiences with laughter and art. My husband and I  were strolling the grounds in the Jardin du Luxembourg a few years ago and happened upon a free art exhibit taking place in a hall next to the palace. We crossed the threshold and I burst into laughter. For there, immediately to my left was this amazing work of art.


These astonishing, rollicking, laughter-filled, marble women prompted the following poem:

Strolling around the corner

in the Jardin du Luxembourg

I can hardly believe my eyes.

My heart skips a beat.

Deep-throated belly laughter erupts from my lungs.

Four of you –

ensconced upon your marble bench,

giddily enjoying one another’s company through your sculpted presence.

The artist wove her magic through you:

rooted and grounded, it feels as if a gentle breeze

could conjure you alive.


What prompts #laughter in you today? Join us as we play and ponder at:  31 Days of Soultrolling.

If the above poem intrigues and delights you, then my poetry book  Thresholds and Portals might be something you’d enjoy.


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