What does delicious spark in your soul?

Delicious. Slow the word down. Enunciate. Speak it – quietly, then at full volume.

What does it evoke in your soul?

My initial response – meals: glorious, tasty, tantalizing plates that arouse my taste buds, tingle my senses and satiate my belly. I’m fortunate to have enjoyed many such a meal: at home, abroad, with family and friends. Just today, in fact, while I pondered the word delicious, as prompted with 31 Days of SoulStrolling.

gnocchiI intentionally slowed down, conversed with my stomach about what she desired, and voilà! Gnocchi with tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, english peas and a green salad on the side. Lest you think I created all these items from scratch – Grazie! Trader Joe’s

Delicious. I decided to consult dictionary.com. Delicious: highly pleasing to the senses, especially to taste or smell. Delicious: very pleasing or delightful.

Very pleasing or delightful. Since food was my initial reaction and response, where else might delicious take my soul? What is pleasing and delightful to me?pnwsunset

Here’s what pops to mind:

Rounds of laughter with my family. Slow strolls in Paris. Sunflowers in summer across the fields of Tuscany. Greenlake walks with my canine companion, Libby. Swing-sets, jungle gyms, gliding down slides, balancing on teeter totters. Cuddles with puppies.

powderstevens Walks in the rain. My rainbow color umbrella. Conversations with friends. Writers Gathering. Rainbows. Eagles. Winter sunset in the Pacific Northwest. Bird songs in the early morning out my window. Savoring sinking into my bed. Bubble baths. Candles lit on dark nights. The smell of roses. Art, any kind. Statues. Skiing on fresh powder snow at Steven’s Pass. Looking out my window across the sea of trees in Lake Forest Park. Floating in the Mediterranean Sea.mediterranean

What does ‘delicious’ evoke in your soul? I’d love to know.

Join us: 31 Days of SoulStrolling




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