The Dress-Up Box

What is it about getting older?

Have I forgotten how to play?

Libby, my lab, is a master with her,liibypoem


as she returns from wandering outside.

I played often as a child:

hide and seek, kick the can, make believe.

Dress-up clothes from the box kept for us in the basement –

Peter Pan and I was Captain Hook.

There’s something about a good, bad villainfunnyfeetflamingos

that intrigues me.

When my children were younger

we spent hours together:

flying on swings,

gliding down slides,

monkeying our way across the jungle gym.irelandwitchhat

Now they are older.

I hear Play’s vociferous invitation!

‘Let’s get together:

walk in the rain, splash in puddles,

kick up our heels,

snuggle with a book,

laugh with friends,

get out the dress-up box.’


How will play invite you today? Join us as we practice #31days of #soulstrolling #prompts.

31 Days of SoulStrolling


If you enjoy this poem, then take a look at my poetry book:

Thresholds and Portals


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