24th Anniversary

Yesterday, May 22, 2011, Dave and I celebrated our 24th anniversary. Congratulations to us for continuing to like each other, navigate our relationship and have fun along the way! We’ve lived in 9 different houses or apartments throughout our years together, and various different cities: Vancouver, Novato, Larkspur, San Anselmo, San Rafael, Seattle and Lake Forest Park. I really like our kids: Bethany (19), Becca (16) and Nathan (14), they are fun, kind, and generous and overall a nice little bunch to parent.

May 22, 1987 was a beautiful, sunny day in Vancouver. We were married that Friday evening at Granville Chapel and then headed over to the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club for an awesome party hosted by my mom and dad. I had a lot of fun and my face hurt later that evening from laughing and smiling so much. My dad and I decided just before we headed down the aisle that we would skip the first 6 steps of the music. We were going to skip the entire way down the aisle but decided against that when we realized that we’d get down to the front too fast and then what would we do? Here’s a slide show of some of the highlights of that day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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