Chronic Sinusitis

My 16 year old daughter has been battling a sinus infection since December, 2010. This is now considered chronic sinusitis. I’ve taken her  to a variety of M.D.’s who have been helpful (this is not a rant about western/eastern medicine). She’s been on various rounds of antibiotics, had a CT scan done (which was helpful as it revealed that there are no anomalies, polyps, or odd bone structures), been to a ear/nose/throat specialist and is now undergoing treatment from a  naturopath. My hope and prayer is that sometime, hopefully soon, she will be feeling much better. It is really difficult to watch and know that my daughter is not well, not feeling completely herself, and not see many improvements. We’re now trying a dairy and gluten free diet to see if that helps at all. I enjoy cooking but I love eating. I’m now entering into another zone of food preparation, reading ingredients and learning about stuff that I would otherwise not have encountered. Blood work has been sent off to a lab to see whether or not she has any food allergies. We did allergy testing for animals, pollens, molds etc and she had none of those. At first she was hoping she would have some of those as allergies as she felt it would then bring some understanding as to why this sinus infection wasn’t clearing up. I, on the other hand, was thankful that she didn’t have allergies. So, we wait. We wait to see if naturopathic remedies help, if acupuncture helps, we wait on the food allergy testing and I pray. I am a spiritually, faithful person and prayer is one of my practices. I’ve emailed and phoned some of my other faithful praying friends, and we wait. She is tentatively scheduled to undergo sinus surgery in mid July, but I don’t feel right about it in my gut. As a parent, I’ve learned to pay attention to these ‘intuitive’ nudgings. This is not to say that they are ‘always’ correct; however, more often than not, they are. We shall see. I’m curious to see how she feels with the changes in her diet as well as finding out what the blood tests may, or may not, reveal.


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