In Anticipation of Paris in Spring

Oh, Paris in Spring,

What a truly marvelous thing!

Dave and I will be in Paris in just under two weeks. I love Paris. Next to Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle it is my favorite city in the world. I first went to Paris when I was 21 and remember standing atop the Eiffel Tower and saying that I hoped to return someday.  I’m not sure how many times I have had the marvelous opportunity to be in Paris, but am thinking it’s close to 15 times since then. A few months ago I created a soul collage in response to some kind of reflection I was doing at the time, not knowing that I would be fortunate enough to be traveling there so soon. Dave and I celebrate our 24th anniversary this May 22. Wow, is about all I have to say. This trip is in gratitude, thankfulness and celebration of our continued journey together and that we still like each other. This past fall I was in Paris and was reading through my journal from that adventure and came upon this: One of the reasons why I love Paris is that there is art, everywhere. In the architecture, on walls, buildings, in the shop windows on the streets. There are immense numbers of doorways with large to small knockers, arches, multiple colors and wrought iron coverings. The cobblestone streets, beautiful bridges and numerous monuments and statues also catch my artistic eye. I also enjoy eating while in Paris: pain au chocolat, tarte framboises, tarte au citroin, poitrin de veau, pigeon, filet de boeuf, noisette, pate de campagne, cabillaud, filet de dorade, and fricasee avec girolles et un ouef poche. Happy, happy, joy, joy is what my heart is singing. I hope to post restaurant tips, fun adventures and traveling moments while I am there. 


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  1. Diana says:

    You are a beautiful writer, and a beautiful, beautiful person.

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