Rough draft: The Adventures of Tilly, Tucker and Jessie

What on earth was her brother doing? Tilly wondered, as she glanced out her bedroom window to the street below. There was Tucker with his roller skates on – the ones that their Grandmother had given to him from when she was a ‘wee lass’. They were made of steel and had leather straps. There were four wheels, then these metal pieces with screws that you could tighten and loosen to adjust to your shoe size. These were not your high end, high fashion, state of the art roller blades. They strapped onto your shoe via these buckle type pieces made of leather, that if you weren’t super careful about tying, would all fall apart and send you tumbling either forward or backward to the sidewalk pavement below. Tucker had managed to adjust the roller skates appropriately to his shoes, but what had he strapped to his bottom? Tilly leaned out the window yelling, “Tucker, you are the only ten year old boy I know who wouldn’t care about being seen roller skating with a pillow strapped to your behind!” To which Tucker replied, as he rolled by on the front sidewalk, “Tils, it’s the only way to keep my butt from getting sore all the time, what with all the fantastical number of times I land on it!”

That was Tucker, Tilly chuckled to herself. He certainly didn’t dance to the beat of anyone else’s drum but his own.


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