A Writer’s Retreat

I’ve entered a contest in hopes of winning a free spot @jenlouden’s #WritersRetreat.  http://ht.ly/4Pwka.

Kacye Hughlett at Diamonds in the Soul forwarded me the information on this retreat. I was immediately captured by the title of the retreat: ‘Luscious, Nurturing, Get your writing done while laughing your butt off and maybe crying a little too writers retreat.’ For those who know me, you know that I love to laugh, am moved to tears easily and often (at least according to my children) and sometimes laugh so hard  I cry. One of my wildly outrageous goals over the next five years is to write a novel. I’m also leaning towards writing a memoir and possibly some children’s short stories. I’ve wanted to write a novel for quite some time and for whatever reasons have now decided to step out of my fear, wondering what other people think I’m doing and go for it. My three delightful characters for this novel are: Tilly, Jessie and Tucker Campbell and I’ve written about them and have photos on this blog. They were all related to me and seem to be floating about in my head just waiting for a voice and story to be heard. So far they encompass some of my own childhood memories with my brother and some adventures that my three children have experienced. In order for me to actually move into taking steps to form this into reality I need to put myself into some ‘learning to write, writing groups, classes’ to move this along. Here’s my first attempt at putting myself out there. I’ve got some other thoughts and ideas and classes I’m looking into. We shall see what great adventure lies ahead and how it all unfolds.


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