When I first composed this soul collage I was pondering my own feelings of disorientation around some issues that were surfacing in my life. At the time I also wrote, on the back of the collage, that this was an expression of the journey I find myself on. The journey of writing, collaging and expressing my artistic essential self that resides within my being. My conversation with this particular piece of art goes something like this:

Who are you?  ‘I am the one who looks you boldly in the face, with eyes wide open. I am not afraid. I am the one who is wise like the owl and brings much needed wisdom, insight and focus. Like the owl who is awake at night, I am one who walks with you in your dreams and reveals things that can often be hidden in the busyness of the day. I am the one who moves differently with time, like the tortoise with a tea cup on its back. This is to remind you that what you perceive as timing is sometimes different than what you think and may sometimes be seen as upside down. I am one who walks with flowers in my shoes and who holds keys to doors yet unopened. Like the tuba when played, I can be loud, but refreshingly musical with new notes and sounds emerging.’


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