Rats and Theology

Yesterday we discovered that we have a lovely, or not so lovely (actually it really grosses me out) family of rats living in our crawl space underneath our house. Yuck. Last night I was cuddling with Becca doing our usual evening bedtime routine, when as part of our prayer time together I asked God to “kill the rats”. Well, that opened up an entire conversation which went something like this: Becca , “Mom, you can’t talk to God like that and ask him to kill the rats, can you?” Me, “Well, hm, I just did, and I can talk with God about what I’d really like and that I’m grossed out by them and basically I just want them dead.”  Becca wasn’t quite sure about all of that kind of praying, which actually was a really fun and interesting conversation to have and led to all kinds of chat about talking with God, listening, sharing feelings, would God be mad? offended? It was a really neat conversation to have with my 11 year old, even if it  was precipitated by the rats. We didn’t land on a particular opinion, or solution, but that’s not what it’s all about anyways. It’s about me, being able to hang and chat with my daughter, and with God, and ask for his help. (Thanks to Dave, who called for a second company and estimate on pest removal and disposal, we now have traps set and a plan in place – phew). Simple Spirituality practice:  God is good.  I can trust him with my life, my family and even the rats.


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