Musings of the day

Today is Sunday. I’ve just finished reading Bono’s speech given at the national prayer breakfast. I was reading it because Nathan is doing a history project on Bono and U2. I helped him yesterday create his “Bono board game”. He is such a funny little fellow, that son of mine (ours).  Last night I was out with some friends and chowed down on delicious indian food; it was good to hang, catch up, laugh, converse about all kinds of things – celebrities, spirituality, relationships, I like doing that. Bethany and I ate blta sandwiches for lunch, yummy!  The bathrooms desperately needed cleaning so I tackled that job, reminding myself that “nothing is too small or insignificant for the nearness of God”. The Benedcitines wrote something like that. Somehow tackling cleaning our rather large and beautiful shower takes on a little more interest when I remind myself and my heart that God is very near in the very basic ordinariness of my life.


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