The Artist’s Way

I’ve begun this journey through a book entitled, The Artist’s Way.  I think I enjoy spiritual direction as much as I do because to me, it’s an art form – there is creativity, wonder, and many colors in navigating and noticing my own and other’s relationship and journey with God. I’m currently working on a collage that is going to take me a little while because it’s a painful collage; by that I mean that the subject material for this current work of art has to do with loss I feel around my spirituality and my family and the disconnectedness I feel with them. It will be a work in progress, and that’s okay. On the flip side I’m working on another art project that gives me a lot of life and joy; taking photos from our trip to India and our family trip to Europe and putting them in frames throughout our house. Bethany and Becca made a comment last night about the pictures from India – they noticed all the bright colors in them. That’s one thing that so fascinates me about India, in the midst of lots of dirt, filth, and poverty there is this incredible amount of color. I think I love Paris so much because it’s a constant unfolding landscape of art – through the streets, architecture, gardens, museums and all the small and out of the way stores that display their wares with a beautifully creative and artistic  flare.


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  1. waterloo2 says:

    >I’m so glad you are recognizing and cultivating your creative spirit. It’s important,nourishing, healing.

  2. Jen says:

    >You’re doing the Artist’s Way??? By yourself or with a group? Why couldn’t I get anyone to join me last summer???… Your art projects sound wonderful wonderful. So glad you’re doing them and embarking on an artist journey.

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