The 5 Days of Christmas

We got home yesterday from five days in Vancouver, hence the 5 days of Christmas. How was Christmas? Well, my mom broke her wrist, had to have surgery, went home on Christmas day. Nate got a fever and had diarrhea for four days. What else? Our kids had wonderful attitudes, were kind, thankful, helpful, laughed alot, trooped and trekked around with us……I am thankful for them. Dave had a wonderful sense of humor, was incredibly kind and gracious with me (I think)……Met my brother’s girlfriend, Kim – I like her. She grew up in Malaysia, works and lives in Vancouver. Becca had a great comment to Dave: “I think it would be okay if she married Uncle Dave. She has one weakness: she wouldn’t tell us her age.” That just made me laugh, Becca is very observant of people. Dave and I cooked in my mom’s kitchen and served everyone dinner – which was fun because she was actually forced to sit down and take it easy. It was nice to cook her dinner, for a change, and serve her. I’m not quite sure how to even write about the time at Dick and Marilyns – it was a little full of stress, anxiety, tension, expectations…….not surprising, but very tiring. Our niece, Rianna, was with us and that was fun to watch her interact with her cousins. She is quite a character. That’s about all. I’m glad to be home.


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  1. Jen says:

    >Wow, that’s a lot. Quite a Christmas. Glad you are home.

  2. >Thanks 🙂 I’m glad to be home too.

  3. >Thanks 🙂 I’m glad to be home too.

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