Golden leaves and cassoulet

God talks to me through golden leaves and cassoulet. When I walk around greenlake these days I continue to be struck by the beauty of the golden leaves, breathtaking. They speak to me of Gods’ goodness, glory and presence. For those of you who have never eaten cassoulet, it is a french meat and bean stew that is incredibly rich in its flavor and texture – it is warm, comforting, has a depth of richness and in my own ways of interacting with God, it speaks to me of His depth and richness of love towards and for me. I recently experienced the delight of tasting it when we went with Dave’s parents and our kids to “Cafe Campagne” a french bistro down in Pike Place Market. Somewhere I read awhile back that “we must take in beauty wherever we encounter it because it will nurture our soul.” I take in beauty through being outside, it nurtures my soul, and through food. Those aren’t the only ways I take in beauty, but recently they have been speaking to my heart. Richard Foster wrote the following poem in “Prayers from the Heart”.

“If all of life is truly sacred, God, then help me see the holiness of the everyday tasks of my life: cleaning house and laughing with friends and eating good food and sleeping through the night.”

I like this prayer. It reminds my heart that my ordinary life matters to God, that who,what and how I am matter. I was reminded of this as well yesterday while I was subbing again in kindergarten – that being with children, interacting with them, teaching them, listening to “Harp 46” with them (which mysteriously calmed the entire room down to a quiet peaceful presence) is of importance, and is all a part of my life.


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  1. >Sharon,If you have a recipe for cassoulet let me know! It sounds like it is truly soul food.How wonderful that you are connecting with God thru good food and pleasing nature… and harp46.L

  2. >Hey, Lisa. I made cassoulet the other day 🙂 I kind of made it up but will send it your way soon.

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