Farewell green card carrying resident alien

I am now officially a United States citizen. Wahoo !!!! Sound the trumpet, clap loudly, sing alot, shout, jump up and down, do a little shimmy, shake a little booty……..have a celebration!!! I handed over my green card today and said goodbye to my resident alien status. I was moved today in my swearing in ceremony by the countries represented in the room: Iran, Iraq, Honduras, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Sweden, South and North Korea, Peoples Rebuplic of China, Finland, United Kingdom, Ethiopia…..to name a few. We all individually were called forward, by name and country, and then handed our naturalization certificate. It was a good experience. I was running a little behind when I left home early this afternoon so picked up a very american lunch to go “Dicks”. It seemed very fitting to the ceremony and occassion that I was heading to.


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  1. Jen says:

    >Yay!! Congratulations!!

  2. >Hey, thanks Jen 🙂 It was exciting.

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