Dave and I arrived safely home yesterday afternoon. I’ve been reading this book, “The Cloister Walk” and something that the author wrote struck me in particular in regards to my experience in India. The author was referring to her time spent in a monastery, but it struck me as relevant to my time away. In India I became “acutely aware of my otherness”. My otherness being my white skin, braces, American/Canadian-ness, wealth, culture, upbringing,social status…….. My dad asked me if I was ready to move to India (interesting question), my reaction was “no”, although I must admit that I wondered that when I was there……not that I would “move” to India but I think I would like to go back again someday. I am thankful and grateful to be home. Dave made the observation that God really protected us while we were there – there was flooding in Bangalore just as we were leaving from there to Hyderabad, and then there were bombings in Delhi while we were there. God is quite amazing to me. I was aware of his presence with me most of the time. I loved practicing celebrating moments and also just trying to be present to all the different people I met;listening to peoples thoughts/questions/lives. Our final evening in Delhi was spent at a truth seekers “church” meeting, where we celebrated communion with a coconut and coconut milk; also the meeting was in Hindi (Sunil translated some into english). We were invited to pray for them at the end – I prayed “that God would blow across each of their lives and breathe into them His great life.” I am awed and amazed at what they are all trying to do – to seek to stop the caste system. I wonder, how will that happen? It seems like an incredibly massive and impossible task, yet at the same time I’m asking God to please help. There is so much injustice, poverty, oppression and corruption in India. The only way I know how to be “home” and care is to pray and intercede. I think the psalms will have an even greater depth of meaning to me as I chat with God about India.


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  1. Jim says:

    >thank you for taking time to reflect on your experiences in India for all of us. I am looking forward to talking with you more about all of this

  2. Jen says:

    >Thanks for blogging your trip, Sharon. I loved hearing about your experiences. Hope to see you soon and catch up some more.

  3. waterloo2 says:

    >what a ride! Great sharing, I want to go!

  4. lyndsey says:

    >What amazing stories from India…I loved imagining you playing and practicing English with the kids. It was also good to learn more about the work Unitus is doing. Thanks for sharing!

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