We have been spending time here in Delhi with Sunil Sardar, his wife Pam, and their four children. They have been extremely kind, hospitable and adventuresome with Dave and I. Yesterday Pam, Sunil and a friend of theirs took us on a tour of old Delhi. We went to one of the largest mosques in the world  and then wandered through the market – there were lots of people, a fair number of beggars and all kinds of trinkets and other Indian wares for sale. Dave and Sunil bought muslim caps for themselves. There was an open air meat market that we stopped at – that pretty much made my stomach churn – heads of goats laying in the open, various animal body parts strewn about (actually, they were really quit organized in their display), with flies buzzing about everywhere, yucky and interesting all at the same time. We then hopped on some bicycle rickshaws and they toured us through the very narrow streets, through and around lots and lots of people, most of whom stared at Dave and I . I’m getting quite use to being stared at. Pam said even more people stare when I smile because of the braces on my teeth. Children here are incredibly friendly and if I smile at them they give the biggest smiles back and their faces completely light up, then they practice their english (that is always a high for me).

The previous day we hung out with Sunil at his office and with people who are participating here with him in “Truth Seekers”. They all wanted to hear what Dave had to say and what insight he could share with them. He has been talking alot with Sunil and helping him think through and strategize how he can grow his ministry.

Last night we were out at one of the open air markets, Dilli Haat, with the Sardars when we were hurried out of the market because of bombs that had gone off in three other markets in the city. That was an interesting experience.


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  1. Jim says:

    >Thank you for writing your memories. It makes me feel connected to India and Delhi again. which I likeWe can talk more in person when you get home.

  2. >Hi Sharon-Iam loving reading your travels-I love the descriptions of the open air market. I can relate on the braces-I had braces on my teeth for the year I was in Africa. The kids loved to look at my teeth and thought that I was so beautiful and that God must really love me to place Jewels on my teeth! Funny huh Maureen

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