2nd trip to the ER in two weeks

I am feeling sorry for Dave as he had this rather unusual,  strange accident happen to him today. He is such a wonderful dad, so there he was, hanging with our girls at the Shoreline pool, swinging off the rope swing when on his way off, letting go, a knot on the rope caught his mouth, hooked him and then his full weight fell……..which caused a lot of pain (I’m actually glad I wasn’t there, I would have screamed, loudly!), a bloody nose, and a very bloody mouth. I’m realizing that as I write this I should probably check in with how the girls are doing…….anyway, they came home, we put ice on his face, he swigged warm water with salt and the bleeding slowed down. I looked under his upper lip, saw a nice laceration, but hey, the bleeding had slowed, why not rest? He did. But, when he got up, oh the blood flowed. As this was happening I was doing this in my head “**%$@&%*$*@@$%!!!!!GOD, HELP” I had this vague thought that I was a little bit like the character at the beginning of the movie “I heart Huccabees” where he is randomly cursing and swearing in his head and obsessing………yep…….that would be me. I drove him down to the ER (where we had just been two weeks ago with Becca and her head injury). Thank you God, really, there was a very brief wait, a very kind doc, no more trauma to Dave except a shot to help reduce swelling, and oh, by the way, make sure you take some ibuprofen and keep ice on your lip 🙂 The laceration will heal, Dave’s fat lip will heal, there were no injuries to his teeth or nose…….okay, so maybe I can practice God is good, I will trust him with my husbands’ life, my kids, mine…….also that God loves me, loves Dave, loves my kids…….(that’s all part of simple spirituality by the way). I’m very thankful he is all right, I’m thankful that the girls are old enough to hang on their own (they even made their own dinner) that Nate was off at the mariners game with Alex and Rich (sorry Dave couldn’t make it)………ah………life is certainly interesting.


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  1. Jen says:

    >Oh my gosh. Accidents like this make my stomach all trembly. I’m so glad there’s no major damage. Poor Dave and poor Sharon. Wow.

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