Camping at Mt. Rainier

The skies were not pouring with rain on Saturday morning, so with a small amount of faith we all headed up to Mt. Rainier to camp together. Our adventuring group consisted of the Grettons, Febus’s, Diane, Reid and Leigh. The rain held off on Saturday and we had a very fun time. We pitched our tents, set up camp,ate lunch, explored the falls, yes, all of us (kids included – with great attitudes, by the way), walked through the grove of the Patriarchs, hung out at camp, barbequed hamburgers, toasted s’mores, went to the ranger chat, went to sleep, got up the next morning, ate a wonderful breakfast, puttered around, packed up, drove to Box Canyon, up to the summit (where, okay, it really poured) ate lunch, some of us headed off on another adventure (Richards headed home) and came home. I had a really fun time. I liked hanging with my friends, sitting by the fire, toasting marshmallows, eating banana boats, adventuring with all the kids and adults, laughing, poking fun at “english phrases”, hugging Big B and her growing Bean, sleeping in my tent, looking up at the trees, walking the trails, seeing the falls……….there’s probably more but I think that’s a good list 🙂 Thanks for adventuring with us, Grettons, Big B, J, the bean, Leigh, Diane and Reid. I am thankful for all of you and look forward to future adventures 🙂


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