Claire’s Husband

Claires’ husband is/was a tree. He got chopped down a few months ago. Claire is a friend of my daughter, Bethany. I heard about this, this morning, on our drive to school. Somehow we got into a conversation about the wooded area of the playground at school. There are two wooded areas designated for different grade levels. Last year, when Bethany was in sixth grade she and her girlfriends use to play pretend in the woods. I love that they were playing pretend last year and aren’t growing up too fast. I found out this morning that they use to play pretend family and that Claire chose this one particular tree to be her husband. This makes me smile. She use to hug the tree, say good morning and stuff like that. Sadly, there was a big wind storm back in the fall and the tree had to be cut down as a big piece of it had been blown down. So, when Bethany announced  this morning, “Claire’s husband got chopped down” that’s how I found out about the story. I love it when my kids share their lives with me and their stories.


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  1. Jen says:

    >Poor Claire. How cute.

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