My parents and my kids

Dave and I just got back from a vacation in Paris and Madrid. We had a wonderful time. Our kids had a wonderful time with my parents. I am incredibly thankful for my mom and dad. They looked after our kids for 10 days – they got them everywhere they needed to be, loved and hugged them, fed and clothed them, listened and asked them questions – I am very blessed. They were sharing with me this morning some funny conversations they’d had: Becca asked my mom if she had a typewriter (not quite sure how that got started). My mom said yes, and that it had been her step-dads and that Becca was welcome to have it any time. Becca’s reply was, “Well, I kind of have a lot of stuff right now, but how about when you die, you leave it for me.” Oh my gosh! My mom said she absolutely cracked up and just couldn’t believe it and that she would most certainly leave the typewriter for Becca. Nathan saw my dad watching golf one Sunday morning on tv and came over to him and said, “Well, are you just going to watch it, or do you want to go play it.” To which my dad responded, “Let’s go play.” So he took Nate up to the driving range where they practiced hitting and putting (I thought that was so cool). I am thankful.


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  1. Jen says:

    >Hilarious. So funny! You have great kids. And great parents.I really like how I can hear you talking when I read your blog.

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