Cannon Beach, Spring Break 2005

We just got back from Cannon Beach, OR. I love going down there. The drive is a little long, but once I’m there, it just doesn’t matter. Dave and I took the girls (Nate was with his buddy Alex) and my mom, dad and brother met us there. We stayed in a house right on the hill above the beach. Libby, our dog, absolutely loved it. She is addicted to chasing tennis ball. What freedom and fun she experienced power running along the beach chasing the tennis ball. She goes until her body actually gives out, so we have to take the ball away from her after awhile and help monitor her intensity.  I took lots of walks, even when it was pouring rain, windy and hailing. I love hearing the waves crash on the shore and watching them come in. The house was great. Dave and I had a loft bedroom with a king size bed. When you laid in bed you could see the ocean as the front of the house had this A frame shape and the windows went all the way to the ceiling. The girls jumped into bed with us on our last morning, along with Libby, and we all just laid there and cuddled.  We went out for meals, ate some in,  sipped on yummy coffee while watching the ocean, laughed a ton with my family, and played a lot of games.  We played charades, each of us thinking of a person, place or thing then act it out. Funniest ones were: my mom pretending to dance like Napoleon Dynamite, my dad laying down like the Pope, my brother being a ninja,and Becca walking around pretending to be an old fart. My mom has a great sense of humor, she is kind and generous, great with the girls and loves to help in the kitchen. We had a delicious meal at  “Gower Street Bistro” : prosciutto, caprese salad, wine, bread, cheese and all sorts of other yummy food. Dave and I had Thai food on our own on the last night and Bethany and Becca stayed at the house and watched a movie. Bethany and Becca were able to attend at cooking class at EVOO Cooking School which is located in downtown Cannon Beach. They had so much fun together. I would recommend taking cooking classes there for anyone who is interested and has time to do that while on vacation.


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  1. Jen says:

    >Fun trip! Your king bed sounds dreamy. Glad it went well, even with the annoying mom part.

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