What is it about tradition?

Nathan is playing baseball this year. He’s playing in the North King County Little League, 7/8ers, Red Sox. Today was the season opening Jamboree. There were about 150 kids, plus parents, all at Hamlin Park. It was freezing cold. We had to be there at 8:15 to line up in teams for the parade around the field. I asked another parent “Why do they do this?”  His reply, “It’s tradition.” I asked him if he liked the tradition. His reply, “No.”  All of the parents watched  from the stands as the teams all ran by and we cheered for them Nate looks so cute in his uniform. I asked him later what his favorite part of the day was. After playing two games and being there since early in the morning, his reply, “The traditional parade, Mom, of course.” That made me laugh.


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