Ode to ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt

photo 222Your creator was a gifted artist

Blending the richness of gold

With the passion of red

The dark black of night

With the velvety carpet of floral green.

I made your acquaintance

At the Belvedere Museum in Vienna

Pausing  in awe

At the power of your tenderness,

Now knowing I would fall in love withphoto 220

You as I did.

Much has been esteemed and praised

Upon you:

Replicas on coffee mugs, scarves,

Paintings and stationary.

I wondered,

‘Would you fascinate,

Or disappoint?’

Suspending judgment of you

I slowly entered the room

Eyeing you from afar

Watching, breathing deeply

Setting my intention.

‘Don’t hurry,photo 221

Tarry here awhile,

Set your eyes upon us,’

You seemed to say from your setting upon the wall.

‘Gaze upon us

Take your time and linger

For you have traveled far.’

You exhale tenderness

In the holding,

The colors, the texture.

Quietly approaching your canvas

I hear my heart murmur

‘Stay awhile.’

The crowdphoto 223s of tourists in their pack of hurry

Like hungry dogs pursuing a bone


I have as much time as I like,

All day even, to befriend you.

What joy!

What freedom!

Lingering, gazing, meditating,



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  1. happyciocio says:

    This is not Chagall. This is Gustav Klimt.

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