Ode to Chocolate

photo 215You befriended me from the beginning

Those warm, melty, fresh out of the oven

Chocolate cookies that my mom made

Quietly  oozing and tingling on my tongue

As your sweetness wound its way  to my belly

My first friend was you, milk chocolate

I desired and longed for you

Wholeheartedly embracing youphoto 218

In your many changing forms:

Oh Henry’s, Chocolate chip cookies

Cake and fudge,

Cupcakes, brownies and ice cream,

photo 219Sacher torte

Need I say more?

It was love at first taste

Then, to my complete surprise

You introduced me to your sister,


You were wise to wait until I was older to make the introductions

The subtle yet complex depth of your sibling

Would have been under appreciated

In my younger years

This was a richer conversation

Nanaimo bars, dark fudge brownies,photo 216

Molten lava cakes,

Dark chocolate torte,

Theo dark chocolate with almonds

The varieties ever expanding

Further and further into an infinite grasp of taste

I know you tried hard to introduce me to your step sister,


Alas, we never bonded

I tried, really I did

But it was not to be

photo 213Thank you for befriending mephoto 217

Oh wondrous chocolate

May I continue to enjoy your presence

Ever deepening our friendship.


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