Ode to Poached Eggs

I crack your protective shell against the low side of my green plate

And watch you slide your way into the bubbling, bouncing, frothing

Vinegar and salt infused water

For three minutes you heat yourself from the cool temperature of my refrigerator

Dowsing yourself in the warm bath of my frying pan.

A dash of salt

A pinch of pepper

Add flavor to your yellow yolk

As you slowly work your way to mouth watering perfection

My brioche toast awaits your friendship on my plate

As the timer announces your completion

A slide

A shimmer

And you companion my toast with such delight

A dash of salt

A pinch of pepper

An incision of knife and fork

As your yellow goodness oozes onto my toast

Then completes its  journey and friendship with my mouth

Cheers to you oh magnificent poached egg!


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  1. Brilliant! I see these loads of odes as a masters class in presence over the coming month! Write on, my friend!

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