Ode to 50

photo 144I knew you were approaching;photo 132

but honestly, I was a bit apprehensive about your arrival.

I wondered to myself, “How would I like to honor crossing this threshold?”

My souls answer, “Kauai”

photo 129After the gift of  journeying 49 years, I knew to pay attention.

And so, rather swiftly, my soulful creative inner traveling guide  danced into motion.

Travel plans were arranged, money was deposited and

“Ta-Da!” the birthday crossing had begun.

Celebrating you, oh nifty fifty, was full of magical delights.

photo 137The whispering wind through the palm trees beckoned your entrance.

The quiet delight of creation: monk seals, spinning dolphins, colorful fish and turtles swam, dancedphoto 135

and wove their quiet presence through the warm blue waters.

I responded with sing songing humming through my snorkel.

A deep gratitude emerged for the gift of this healthy body, my favorite traveling companion,

and the sheer childlike joy of swimming and playing at the beach

and boogy boarding about with 50.

photo 138The monk in me celebrated and rejoiced in the quiet solitudephoto 141

of crashing waves, dancing sunsets, and

visiting birds.

Thank you 50!

I wonder, “Which thresholds now am I being invited to approach and cross?”

photo 133



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