Ode to Pike Place Market

photo 73We first beheld each other  in the fall of 1979,photo 77

through the eyes of the original Starbucks mermaid logo.

I was a bright eyed, enthusiastic, falling in love with Seattle fan.photo 74

A virgin coffee drinker, deeply ensconced in my Scottish/Canadian tea drinking roots,

I was lured to your domain by  my summer camp gang from Seattle.

The friendly Greyhound bus transported me from Vancouver, B. C. to your home.

The bustle of people, colors in the market, fresh produce sampling and fish flying through the air

Caught my eye and captured my heart.

photo 75How was I to know that  years later you would draw me back again.

I have wandered your aisles, sampled your wares, and savored your goodness for these past 16 years.

With babes in arms, toddlers in tow and numerous visiting guests,

I have inhaled your fragrance and gazed upon your colorful beauty.

Thank you, Pike Place Market,photo 76

For continuing to entice this writer’s heart,

Delight my senses,

And nourish my soul.




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