Ode to Genau

photo 71From the moment of our introduction in Vienna, Austria, I knew we were to become dear friends.

What a delightfully wonderful presence  you are:

Precise and playful,

Full of promise and hope,

Statement and simplicity.photo 67

You can be exclaimed with a shout and strong conviction

Or whispered quietly and almost musically from the lips.

With a wink and a nod you are very whimsical and laughter bubbles at the beginning of your edges.

You know sadness and sorrow as well,

At the parting of dear friends,

Or with the tender hug of ‘Goodbye, I will miss you.’

photo 68You hover about the edges of a bright spring morning with the sun at play on the horizon

And the chitter chatter of early morning birds.

You invite me to delight in the simple and ordinary, as well as the moments that stop me in my tracks.

To you I bow, Genau,


Thank you for befriending me.photo 69


With deep thanks to Christine and John Paintner for the introduction: Genau – Exactly!



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