George Bernard Shaw and Collaging

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and say ‘Why not?’ ”

I’ve been pondering this as I’ve been reflecting on and practicing peace this week. This quote is actually on the front cover of my current journal, and I don’t think Mr. Shaw was necessarily contemplating peace when he penned in (I think it probably has to do with writing) but I’m holding it in the context of my own reflections and my hopes and dreams for peace. photo 16

Collaging is one of the creative processes I engage in to assist me in exploring internal questions as well as one that helps nurture my creative bent and keep me grounded. Above is my ‘hope for peace’ collage. I’ve mentioned before that lighting candles is one of my practices so I found it necessary to have some light in this collage. The clocks are representative of the enduring quality of time  as well as my struggle with things not happening or taking too long (in my opinion) to come to pass. Glueing the clocks on the collage help me to trust in the unfolding process of time. The image of the dancer reaching and leaping and raising his hands toward the sky encourages my heart to dance, stretch, hope, move, and dream. The water underneath symbolizes the tears I have shed and will continue in my hearts’ hope and longing for peace within myself, as well as peace for others and various contentious and violent places in the world today. The barren strips of white ash trees on the left, leaning against the brick and wood wall remind me that although the current season is ‘winter’ when all is laid bare in this particular part of the world in which I live – that spring will come, seasons will change and pass, and new life is forming below the ground. Thus I hope for peace.

Consider setting aside some time to collage your own hope for peace. Set aside your linear thinking brain and tear or cut images out of magazines, then glue them on a piece of paper ( I recommend a smaller size as it will help provide boundaries and a container for your images). I didn’t ‘think’ much as I chose the images. I just cut things out, or tore them out, as they struck my heart while reflecting on peace. After I glued them down I then reflected on why those images spoke to me. Blessings on your creative practices with peace this season.


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