Threshold space

I like the way Father Richard Rohr articulates the ‘threshold space’ : ‘Limen is the Latin word for threshold. A liminal space is the crucial in-between time, when everything actually happens and yet nothings appears to be happening. It is the waiting period when the cake bakes, the movement is made, the transformation takes place.’ In the Christian faith tradition, today is the liminal space in the Easter story, Holy Saturday. It is the waiting time between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I created this collage a few months ago as I feel myself standing in my own threshold space.

I stand at the threshold and wait: watching, listening, waiting, scanning the horizon. My soul is filled with wonder and beauty. My lungs expand with deep breathing from the beginning of time. Silence fills my breath, penetrating deep into my core, reaching in and out and extending to the very tips of my fingers, toes and the ends of the hairs on my head. I am filled: with breath, silence, beauty, wonder, hope, vastness and expanse. Deep blue skies, puffy clouds, green grass and carpets of wildflowers. I cross the threshold and enter in.


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