Tilly, Tucker and Jessie

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The above slideshow is a selection of photos that I have of my grandparents: Tilly and Tucker Battle, and Jessie Heaney. My grandmother, Tilly  was quite a character. She was an artist, traveler and loved to host and attend parties. I didn’t know her that well but remember her bringing gifts home for me from her many traveling adventures. She passed away when I was about 13. Tucker Battle  was her second husband. Her first marriage was to Commander George C. Jones who was  Captain of the Canadian Navy during the Second World War. Sadly, he  passed away in 1945, leaving Tilly with three young children to raise: George, Helen (my mom) and John. She moved from eastern Canada to Vancouver and eventually met Tucker, whom she married later in life. I knew Tucker as my grandfather. I actually don’t know that much about him. He was kind, hunted ducks, owned a home in Palm Springs with Tilly and enjoyed golfing. I never met Jessie Heaney (Campbell) as she passed away when my dad, James Heaney, was just 10 years old. From the stories that my dad shared with me I am aware that she was tall (for a Scottish woman), played the violin and had a beautiful singing voice. They have been on my thoughts recently as I ponder writing a book; hopefully a novel. I’m thinking I would like them to be my three main characters.


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