This morning before I headed off on my practice of walking Greenlake with my faithful canine companion, Libby, I was meditating on the following verse from Psalm 33: ‘Earth is drenched in God’s affectionate satisfaction.’ Somehow that caught my eye and heart this morning as I was reading through the psalm, and sipping on my cappuccino (on an aside note, the two together are a very simple, yet delightful part of my morning practice of being present to God and myself).  With that verse floating around in my heart and mind off the two of us went on our morning adventure. When I first parked at the lake it was looking  grey and overcast and like it might potentially rain, but I decided not to carry along my large umbrella (which was my dads) and hope for no rain. Well, about 10 minutes into our 40 minute jaunt it started to pour; not just a light sprinkly kind of rain, but pour, as in, we both got completely drenched. I started to laugh to myself and chuckle as the verse kept floating through my mind, ‘earth is drenched in God’s affectionate satisfaction.’ Then somehow, as is common with my practice of contemplating scripture and walking, the experience of the actual rain drenching me, along with the verse, became this in my mind and heart: ‘I (Sharon) am drenched in God’s affectionate satisfaction.’ I experienced, felt, perceived, became more deeply aware of God’s absolute affectionate satisfaction for and towards me, in my walking and being drenched.


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