Letting go of feeling guilty

I’m not exactly sure how to do this, but it struck me again today how often I feel guilty about my job as ‘stay at home mom’. Why on earth do I feel guilty about this? I like my job (well, most of the time, sometimes it’s really, really boring, like when I notice that I’m doing laundry for the fourth time in one day, or cooking yet again, or being asked ‘what is there to eat?’). For the most part though, I enjoy being home, parenting kids, picking them up after school, providing space for them to hang out, invite friends over, offer a listening ear and a hug, and watch them participate in various events. Today, in whatever  way that I can, I am going to practice noticing my feelings of guilt, saying hello to them, giving them a hug, and then sending them on their way – goodbye, adios, au revoir, ciao. It’s a soulful, mindful, emotional and mental practice for me.


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