“Bisogna aggiungere il proprio silenzio al silenzio dei luoghi.” Translated from Italian to English: You need to bring your own silence to the silence of places. I landed upon this phrase while tasting wine in Montalcino, Italy . I was sipping wine and glancing through a photography book and below the photos were written different phrases. Something in this touched a place within my heart. I think that it has to do with my own continuing journey into the silent places in my heart and within my journey into silence with God. My head is so often filled with noise and thoughts that it is nice to continue to practice entering into silence. I’ve noticed that as I sit or walk silently my head clears, my thoughts get quieter and there is a deeper place in my heart that I am able to notice and enter in. Somehow God is present in this place and continues to draw me deeper. I love that this phrase entered my life as I was sipping on wine in Italy.


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