Funny packaging

I love to read and  I have bumped into some absolutely wonderful language on some of the food packaging in England. Here are some samples:

Cereal advert on box: “Dorset Cereals – honest, tasty and real”. First off, it cracked me up that a cereal could be honest, then here comes the best part “We believe that life really is too short to settle for second best and that simple, honest pleasures are often the most rewarding….Although variety is the spice of life, there are times when routine can be a welcome relief. Like buying the sunday papers, walking the dog, or a bowl of our Super High Fibre, which we eat as regularly as clockwork.” (which if you took literally, if it is high in fibre, would keep you regular 🙂 ).

Dessert packaging for a small chocolate cake thing: “Gu – chocolate extremists with a good dollop of fun. This souffle is intense. Lurking below a light chocolate crust lies a rich pool of hot chocolate lava….Annie, our Gu mistress, wuus her guests by giving them posh almond biscuits to scoop up their oven baked hot choc souffles… James, our Gu meister, wuus his guests by melting sugar and water in a pan to make caramel, then pours it onto greaseproof paper to cool before breaking it into shards and balancing them on the puds..but for a naughty night-time nibble he throws some chunky muesli on top and wufs it!”

I have really found these all a ton of fun to read, and have quite enjoyed eating the product inside as well.


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