Collecting Stool Samples

Yes, what you read in the title, is the truth of the matter (no pun intended). Oh, the small and interesting joys of parenting. Becca, our 11 year old daughter, has been having on and off stomach pain for the past couple of weeks. The doctor sent Dave home with a “stool sample collecting kit” which he was so kind to use, and collect, over the weekend. I took “the collection” to the doctors office, only to discover that they had sent Dave home with the wrong kit. Oh brother!  With new kit in hand, and renewed explanation to Becca, the “new collection kit” was filled this evening. Oh the joys of parenting.  I will take “the sample” to the docs office tomorrow, to then leave it to be tested for “ghiardia”, which they think she may have picked up from summer camp.


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  1. Jen says:

    >Good grief. I guess being involved in your children’s poop doesn’t end as soon as I was thinking… What is ghiardia?

  2. >It’s a kind of water born bug – affects your intestines – she may have picked it up somewhere along the way at camp with unclean drinking water. will wait and see what they say.

  3. waterloo2 says:

    >Grief is right…Do you think Jackie O had to collect poop samples? or Grace Kelly? or Indira Ghandhi? I hope Madonna has to do this. It’s the great equalizer of parenting. Dave gets the Golden Poop Scooper Award. I would go out and get a plastic poopscooper, spray paint it gold and have a ceremony. Absolutely.

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