Nathan and disco dancing

We had a lot of fun at a friends wedding yesterday. Nathan was the ring bearer. It was Lis and Harvey’s wedding. Lis started babysitting for us when Nathan was six months old, and she asked him if would like to be the ring bearer at her wedding. He agreed and yesterday donned his tuxedo and special shiny black shoes – he looked so handsome. He did an excellent job, smiled for all the pictures, walked down the aisle with the flower girl, held the rings on the pillow, stood through the ceremony and then, to my amazement, he danced his heart out at the reception. I wish you could have seen him. He danced, and danced and during one “disco” song selection he got out on the floor, in the midst of this big group of people and showed off his dancing. He was hilarious. For those of you who know Nathan, historically he does not like or want to be the center of attention. Well, on the dance floor, all of his inhibitions left!! It was really fun to watch him. Dave and I smiled, and laughed, and joined in the dance 🙂


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  1. Jen says:

    >How cute. Sounds like such a fun time!

  2. >Yep, it was pretty fun. it always cracks me up when I see my kids being more of who they are/and or at least exploring new ways of expressing themselves.

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