Confessions of a mean mom

I called Becca a baby yesterday. To be precise, I said, “Stop being such a baby.” Oh, that was harsh. I knew as soon as I said it that I had cut deep into her heart, then I was mad at myself. She wouldn’t/didn’t talk to me for a while, quite understandably. I eventually owned up to my meanness and asked her if I had hurt her feelings, to which she replied, “of course, that was sooooooooo mean, how could you say that to me?” Oh, then I felt even worse. I said that I was really, really, sorry and could she possibly forgive me and that I do really love her. I also told her it was okay if she took a while to forgive me and want to talk with me. She said, okay, I need a bit of time. Later, I reached over and held her hand, which she allowed me to do. This parenting thing is hard, it brings out all of my “stuff.”


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  1. >Good for you for apologizing. I found my way around the ‘baby’ comment by saying, “you’re acting like a baby” which may sound like spliting hairs but it states she isn’t actually a baby but instead is acting out of character LIKE one. And you know what? sometimes it’s just TRUE!! It works with boyfriends too: “You’re acting like an asshole.” Instead of the more offensive “you are an asshole”;) lisa

  2. >aha!!! the power of words……

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