Athens, Greece, October 2018

athens morning viewHere’s the thing about renting spaces I haven’t stayed:  hopeful it’s as beautiful as the photos, curious – really, it has this view? Airbnb studio, Acropolis View

Awe, gratitude, ‘this is my life!’ voiced and heart filled responses.night view athens

After returning the rental car outside Athens airport (transported by a kind and at the quoted price driver recommended via airbnb host), riding the elevator to the top floor, opening the door, pulling back the curtains, stepping across the threshold to the terrace, greeted by this view…

Kalimera, Athens. Laughter, dancing (excited and grateful), grumbling stomaches, places to eat in the neighborhood messaged via the host, short stroll across the street with greek food to go, beer and food on the terrace – this is how we soulstroll.

Blue skied morning, sunshine, a need for coffee and food. Gratitude and thanks for a friend’s recommendation: the Koukaki neighborhood is lined with orange trees, uneven paved sidewalks,  and concrete buildings who hide an eclectic blend of coffee shops and restaurants. Perfect soulstrolling location. coffee and cards athens

Meandering out the door, a cafe with an outdoor table called our name, espresso and morning card drawings: immerse and curiosity (SoulStrolling Inspiration Deck). Generous hospitality, fried eggs, hot, fresh, best ever french fries: satisfied and ready to stroll to the Acropolis.

Meandering our way through side streets, citrus trees, mid morning city bustle, we arrived. After waiting in line for tickets, our stroll took us up marbled winding paths and stairs, accompanied by fellow tourists, olive trees, and history.

ancienttheaterathensTravel is foreign, wonderful, and surprising. From music preparations in the ancient outdoor theater, to guards in civilian clothing blowing shrieking whistles at tourists pausing to eat a snack (forbidden), a lone cat biding its time lounging below the chain linked ‘no entry’, to the olive tree established holding the myth and story of the goddess of Athena and the city named after her. athena tree acropolis

Written words don’t adequately convey my internal felt connection, placing my feet upon these grounds. From pausing to gaze at the Caryatids, to stopping at the foot of the tree…

Late afternoon brought more sunshine, journaling on the terrace (with friend and author, Kayce Stevens Hughlett),  and no visit to the Acropolis museum. Here’s the thing, we were tired, needed to reflect upon our experience at the Parthenon – so ‘no’ was necessary. CaryatidsParthenon

“SoulStrollers create their own rules and rhythms and take life at whatever speed feels right in that moment.” SoulStroller: experiencing the weight, whispers, and wings of the world. SoulStroller

Afternoon flowed into evening, take out from a nearby vegan restaurant, terrace view watching night lights from the Parthenon and stars.

Efharisto, Athens. Thank you.









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