Mother/Daughter Adventures: Tarragona, Spain, May 2017

PastelbuildingsTarragonaTarragona surprised me with roman ruins, a stunning cliff top Mediterranean view, modern art, and pastel colored buildings.

We arrived via train from Barcelona. Our airbnb host advised us to follow the signs from the train station to the ‘mechanical steps.’ “Oh,” I remarked to my daughter, “it’s a series of escalators,” which took us up the multi leveled steep stairs to the street leading directly to our apartment.romanruinsmodernartTarragona

Daily, from 5 – 8 pm, students attending the school across the courtyard from our flat could be heard practicing oboe, violin and accordion. Music wafted through the warm air as I painted in my Happy Flowers Coloring Book: Color Yourself Happy, by Debbie Patrk Vinyard.

Our first, and favorite meal was lunch at El Vergel. Open floor to ceiling windows greeted us as we sat down overlooking the cobbled street in Old Town. A prix fix three course lunch menu, vegetarian and vegan, offered up delicious food choices and wonderful hospitality.ElVergel

Needing a stroll after lunch we headed up the street toward the Museu Diocesá. Walking in from the bright sunshine outside I hadn’t noticed the ticket booth in the dark interior, and was startled by a quiet voice asking me to stop and wait (eliciting a chuckle from my daughter).

MuseuDiocesaTarragonaWe meandered quietly through the church, following a path to an outdoor courtyard: open archways, roses and a peaceful garden space beckoned.

We did lots of strolling and wandering: following narrow cobbled streets, happening upon more roman ruins and stopping in at a cosmetic store where we ended up receiving free make overs. We savored dinner outside in a small square at a local restaurant where our server from the Ukraine practiced her English, recommended vegan options for my daughter, and encouraged us to dine at a friends Italian restaurant La Locanda dei Sapori, c/La Nau 6 (excellent Italian lunch the next day).

fartonsLaughed at myself again with my attempts at speaking limited Spanish: accidentally taking home 5 fartons for breakfast (still haven’t lost my junior high sense of humor).

“Every object, every being, is a jar full of delight. Be a connoisseur.” Rumi

What will you choose to notice and delight in?





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