Haramara Goddess – Conversation with a Statue

statue haramaraThis is how it happened:

Statues began speaking to me a few years ago. It’s been a process, this paying attention to art. The nudge I feel within to slow down, pause, listen.

“What would you like to talk about? What do you have to say? Would you like to converse?” Are the types of questions I voice. Sometimes aloud, but more often, internally.

Haramara Goddess introduced herself. She caught my eye with her regal stature, inner wisdom, power and peaceful presence. Firmly grounded. Her sovereignty struck a chord within.

“I am poured out,” she said. “My waters flow as tears over and for the earth. I must be filled to pour out. I cannot pour from an empty cup; likewise for you. fullmoonstatueharamara

God, the Divine, the Universal Spirit hovers over the earth. Freely given, freely received. I pour out wisdom, love, compassion, mercy, justice and peace. I hear your heartache. How you weep, lament, over the injustices in this world.

Rise up. Pay attention. Stand firmly upon the ‘favor of the earth.’  Rooted, grounded, open to possibility. Fill your soul within to pour out. Speak your truth, your voice, not bound by expectations of others or the world. Your inner sanctum knows your soul. Be still. Love will guide and protect you. Courage is required. Honor the earth.”

“Thank you,” I reply, followed by my internal pondering, ‘how might I respond?’ It’s a contemplative, meditative, mindful process – this following nudgings via art. The cairn below, along the north end of the beach in Sayulita caught my eye after leaving Haramara. I walked by her each morning for a week. She spoke of many of the same things above.

cairnbeachsayulita“It has been my experience that clearing the way with prayer guides energy up through the soles of the feet from the core of Earth and opens up the crown for divine communication to flow through.” Pixie Lighthorse, Prayers of honoring Voice.

‘favor of the earth’ from John O’Donahue, To Bless the Space Between Us, Axioms for Wildness.


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