Dwelling in Possibility

crocusgreenlake“I dwell in possibility.” Emily Dickinson

#possibility is our prompt today at 31 Days of SoulStrolling. A few weeks ago, with Julie Gardner, Writers Gathering in Seattle, our prompt was Emily Dickinson’s poem, “I dwell in possibility.” This is what flowed from pen to paper:

I dwell in possibility – to dwell, to be. To practice presence wherever I may find myself.

I dwell in possibility – repeating this line because as I read it, internalize it – it grows, expands, becomes more real.

I dwell in possibility – is one of the primary quotes on my blog. It is written across the top of my mammoth white board calendar in my office. It’s been there since 2007 when we moved into our home, 3 months after my Dad’s sudden passing.

I dwell in possibility – holding the space that grieving will ‘get easier with time’ – yes, and no.

I dwell in possibility – holds hope and a prayer for a family member navigating the journey of depression.

I dwell in possibility – carried me through the winter months of early 2012 when my eldest walked with panic and anxiety.

I dwell in possibility – I love being in Paris, and now I co-lead SoulStrolling journeys for women in Paris.

I dwell in possibility – my inner poet was ignited and I self-published my first poetry book, Thresholds and Portals.

I dwell in possibility – where will this lead next?

I dwell in possibility – what wonders may unfold?

I dwell in possibility – who bids me from afar?

An ancestor past risen, perhaps a falling star?

“I dwell in possibility.”

Thank you, Emily Dickinson


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