Winter Solstice, December 2015

How are you, Soul, on this day?solsticedecuzessquare

When light lessens and darkness lengthens,

as day extends her hand to night,

the cosmos dancing about Earth’s axis.

Are you celebratory?

Eagerly anticipating the quiet dark and slow evolution of returning light.

Are you reflective?candlessolsticeuzes

Noticing the twinkling holiday lights, catching a glimpse of your gaze in the glass.

Are you sad?

Missing those whose earthly presence has traversed the veil and linger in the heavens.

Are you fearful?

Questioning what may lie in the shadows ahead, the unknown of another season.

Are you brave?solstice2015greeneryhome

Summoning courage from your treasure trove of golden memories.

Are you happy?

Joy’s presence fermenting deep within your belly.

How are you, Soul, on this the longest night?





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