Morning Frost

You remind me of 158

Your sparkling shining self

dancing along my porch railing

as if my daughters

when they were small

had laid down Elmer’s glue

and scattered you about.


Glitter, the fun glitzy shininess of it,

sparkling on my floor, walls,

chairs, furniture.

Coating the deck like an early morning gift –

bejeweling my outdoor table

like hundreds of diamonds.


Your layered essencefrostonleaves

remains on the leaves

clothing them like a sweater.

Morning light partners with you

causing the bare tree branches to smile.


You greet me on car windows,

nipping through the brisk air,

‘Please be patient with our thawing,

we’ll be gone soon.

The day will warm,

the sun will shine.

We’ll wait in the shadows

‘til twilight falls

to greet you again.’



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