Winter Reflection

“Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.” IMG_0249Hans Margolius

This quote has been lingering and stirring within my soul over the past few weeks. I’ve been taking myself soulstrolling:  the practice of walking with awareness, a ‘paying attention’ to what catches my eye and heart. Trees reflected in still waters are calling to me.

I tend to wake in the morning already thinking of the day ahead: plans that have been made, schedules to keep, creative projects that shimmer in my dreams, and it’s hard for me to not feel rushed and hurried before the day begins. My desire is to somehow practice more of a ‘quiet mind,’ so it’s not surprising that the above quote, and the mirrored reflections of the trees, are speaking to my heart.

IMG_0255Slowly but surely I’ve been practicing meditation. Somewhere within this practice lies the hope of being present to the moment, a desire to deepen my awareness of myself and others. Somedays I find it easy to sit and pay attention to my breath, but most of the time, it’s a struggle. I wonder how much time has passed, what might ‘need’ my attention… and then I remember to breathe, to simply be in the moment, watch my breath come in and out. In those moments my mind becomes quiet and I get a taste of having an ‘adequate perception of the world,’ whatever that may be.

Another quote from my fall pilgrimage in Ireland weaves its way through my mind in partnership with the one above:

“I leave behind as a pilgrim’s offering, my name written on the water.” Meredith Kunsa

There’s something about the combination of the quiet water, with the clear, quiet, still reflection of the trees that reminds me of creation, my being, this space I inhabit, and my longing to live life fully alive, present and in service to others. I’m not sure yet what this all may mean, but trust that it will unfold and speak to me as I ponder in reflection. And so, I leave behind my name, written on the water, and see what other sites unfold as I take my soul for a stroll.IMG_0257

If you’re interested in practicing the art of  soulstrolling, then consider joining us on our upcoming Urban Paris Pilgrimage: Where Sole Greets Soul, May 9-16, 2015. You can find the details at:




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