Instructions for Soul Strolling

First, say ‘yes’ to soul strolling.IMG_0837

Carry your soul tenderly.

When necessary, and often, ask for hugs.

Breathe deeply, relishing the pause.

Slow down and listen in the stillness.

Embrace the night as a dear friend.

Walk with intention, holding loosely your expectations.

Savor the ordinary. Laugh often. Eat well.

Kick up your heels and dance.

Greet yourself daily with, ‘You’re welcome.’IMG_1505

Remember, you are not alone.


Soul strolling can be practiced wherever you find yourself: at home, work, in your neighborhood, an unfamiliar place. If you’d like to practice soul strolling in Paris, then consider joining us this May 2 – 9, 2015. One space remains 🙂


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